Enedis – Inthy Partnership

On the 3rd and 4th of October, the Inthy team was present for the third consecutive year at the Hydrogen Business for Climate Forum in Belfort. On this occasion, Inthy and Enedis signed a partnership agreement to frame their collaborative work on hydrogen mobility.

An opportunity to engage with all stakeholders in the hydrogen sector, showcase our hydrogen production and distribution offerings, and #IstHy, a testing and certification center for hydrogen storage systems.

It’s also an opportunity to formalize our agreement with ENEDIS to frame our collaborative work on hydrogen mobility related to:

Challenges in connecting hydrogen production and distribution stations Deployment of logistics solutions applied to hydrogen-powered generators Proud of the progress made over these past 3 years to accelerate the development of zero-emission mobility!

Nicolas Bach, Michel Delpon, Dominique Darne, Christèle Tranchant, Christophe Rougeot, Denis Hameau


IntHy and Euralis are joining forces to accelerate the development of Eurasolis, developer of photovoltaic projects in the South-West of France.

Euralis, a leading cooperative group, innovates, promotes and transforms the production of nearly 9,000 farmers. Anchored in the South-West of France, its historic cradle, Euralis is also present internationally in 17 countries.

Eurasolis aims to be a major player in renewable energies in the South-West and thus continues its dynamic with its existing activities focused on roof installations. Eurasolis is working to expand its offering to ground-mounted photovoltaics and agrivoltaics in the coming months.

Through this partnership, IntHy confirms its objective of becoming a reference partner in the agricultural world with a dual mission:

  • Make green energy a lasting economic pillar for farms and agricultural cooperatives
  • Strengthen their central role in the energy transition and decarbonization of the sector in France

H2 days in the territories

IntHy was present at H2 in the territories in Pau.

The Hydrogen Days in the Territories 2023 organized by France Hydrogène in Pau brought together more than 700 participants from all over France: elected officials, industrialists, community services, research and innovation players, territories already engaged in the deployment of hydrogen solutions but also those who are developing a hydrogen approach.

A unique opportunity for InthHy to discuss its offers and achievements. And particularly on its partnership within DMSE (Dijon Métropole Smart EnergHy) alongside Dijon Métropole, the Bourgogne Franche-Comté Region, Engie, and ADEME.

Dijon Métropole and the Bourgogne Franche-Comté region have been rightly rewarded by the France hydrogen jury chaired by Philippe Boucly for the ambition and maturity of its zero-emission mobility project; the metropolis of Dijon will therefore host the H2 days in the territories in 2024.

Nicolas Bach, Michel Delpon, Dominique Darne, Christèle Tranchant, Christophe Rougeot, Denis Hameau

IntHy is present at the Global Mobility Executive Forum

We shared IntHy vision, engagements and réalisations during the Global Mobility Forum under the High Patronage of Emmanuel Macron.

The 7th edition of the Oliver Wyman Global Mobility Executive Forum took place this week in Paris at Station F under the High Patronage of Mr Emmanuel Macron.

We saw during two days the unification of key actors representing more than 360 organisations – business, public and social institutions as well as financial and academia figures – all with the common goal of framing and offering innovative sustainable mobility solutions in a collaborative way.

Our CEO Nicolas Bach had the opportunity to share IntHy’s vision and engagement, in a session dedicated to ‘Future Market Disruptors’. Mobility is expected to become the largest hydrogen market by 2040… and the acceleration will come from massive renewable capacities development. IntHy and its partners are working hard to make it real.

Decarbonize heavy mobility, IntHy joins forces with INEOS Inovyn

IntHy, in collaboration with Alpiq through its subsidiary Hymove, is accelerating the deployment of zero-emission heavy mobility in Eastern France by partnering with INEOS Inovyn.

IntHy in collaboration with Alpiq through its subsidiary Hymove, is accelerating the deployment of zero-emission heavy mobility in Eastern France by partnering with INEOS Inovyn.

  • INEOS Inovyn is the largest operator of electrolysis technology in Europe. Its Tavaux site (Jura) produces more than 10,000 tonnes of low-carbon hydrogen, which represents an energy equivalent of around 50 million liters of diesel per year.
  • Hymove will market part of the low-carbon hydrogen produced by INEOS Inovyn in Tavaux and will ensure its distribution to heavy transport operators (private and community) in dedicated stations spread across the territory of the Bourgogne Franche-Comté region and neighboring areas

The project is planned to be operational in 2026.

At SELFI, IntHy presents its HyWay offer for zero-emission heavy mobility

SELFI - Exclusive Exhibition of the Cold Innovation Logistics Sector - has just closed its doors after 2 days of exhibitions and discussions around innovation and decarbonization of cold logistics.

It is therefore natural that IntHy and its partner Alpiq were present to present its HyWay offer for zero-emission heavy mobility.

HyWay is a turnkey rental offer for standard or refrigerated trucks: vehicle leasing, fleet management and maintenance, hydrogen distribution stations and green hydrogen production.

Inauguration of Issy les Moulineaux

A first green hydrogen distribution station was inaugurated at Issy-les-Moulineaux on Saturday, April 1st 2023.

A first green hydrogen distribution station for the City of Issy-les-Moulineaux !

IntHy inaugurated its first hydrogen distribution station this Saturday, April 1, in the presence of Valérie Pécresse President of the Île-de-France Region, André #Santini, Mayor of the City of Issy-les-Moulineaux and Jérémie ALMOSNI, regional director of ADEME.

  • This project is the realization of a strategy aimed at developing green hydrogen for new mobility without air pollution, without noise pollution and without CO2 emissions.
  • The hydrogen station will distribute up to 200kg of hydrogen per day and will be able to accommodate both light and utility vehicles as well as buses and household waste bins.

IntHy which offers its customers low-carbon energy and mobility solutions, is delighted to have been a promoter of this project with Hype in partnership with the City of Issy-les-Moulineaux, the Île-de-France Region, the ADEME and CINEA – European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency.

  • Ce projet est la concrétisation d’une stratégie visant à développer l’hydrogène vert pour une nouvelle mobilité sans pollution de l’air, sans pollution sonore et sans émissions de CO2.
  • La station hydrogène permettra de distribuer jusqu’à 200kg d’hydrogène par jour et pourra accueillir à la fois des véhicules légers et utilitaires mais aussi des bus et des bennes à ordures ménagères.

IntHy and its teams present at Hyvolution 2023: accelerate the development of the hydrogen sector

IntHy and its teams present at Hyvolution 2023: accelerate the development of the hydrogen sector

For the second consecutive year IntHy is actively present at Hyvolution, a unique opportunity to present its offers and achievements, to exchange with all the players in the sector, nearly 8,000 professionals present, to meet candidates passionate about the world of renewable energies, decarbonization and innovation.

Laying the first stone of Dijon Métropole Hydrogen Station

On Wednesday May 19, 2021, the city of Dijon officially began work on its own green hydrogen production station. The project is part of a broader plan to convert the city's heavy vehicle fleet. Rougeot Energies (now IntHy) is one of the project partners.

The first hydrogen station, located north of Dijon, will be commissioned at the end of 2023, with a daily production capacity of 440 kg of hydrogen which will eventually double with the construction of an extension. Its production is mainly based on the energy recovery unit which processes the household waste of 92% of the Côte-d’Or population.

The second station, located on the site of the bus/tram maintenance center south of Dijon, will be put into service in 2025, with a capacity of 880 kg of hydrogen per day.

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