Renewable Energy Production

Independent producer of renewable energy

Inthy develops, builds and operates competitive renewable energy production plants (solar and wind) over the long term.

As an integrated player across the entire value chain, Inthy draws on the long-standing expertise of its team and the vision of its founders to develop decentralized, local energy ecosystems with high environmental performance. This long experience is based on the development and operation of over       500 MW of renewable energy capacity in Europe.

A tailored energy production for local communities

Faced with the challenges of the energy transition, Inthy proposes an innovative model that enables it to produce clean, fair and competitive energy locally:

  • By integrating measures to protect the environment and local biodiversity into the design of our projects.
  • By optimizing and redistributing economic benefits with local stakeholders, and agricultural cooperatives.
  • By producing energy that is competitive with fossil fuels, enhancing the region’s attractiveness.

The agricultural world, a key partner for the energy transition

Convinced that the energy issue is a major challenge for the future of agriculture, Inthy aims to become a referenced partner for the agricultural world with a dual objective:

  • Make renewable energy a sustainable economic pillar for farmers and agricultural cooperatives
  • Reinforce their role in the ecological transition and decarbonization of the sector (reducing emissions and increasing carbon capture capacities)

Anchored in local communities, Inthy contributes to their long-term development and enhancement.


Sun and wind, the pillars of 100% renewable territories



Solar energy is the most abundant renewable energy on earth, the cheapest and the fastest to deploy. Solar technology, which has enjoyed the highest productivity gains in recent years, is set to be the fastest-growing renewable energy segment worldwide.
IntHy is concentrating on the deployment of large-scale projects of reasonable size, and is putting in place specific support measures to encourage the reasoned and joint use of space with farmers, who are partners in our projects.



Wind power is a mature, competitive renewable energy that can help diversify the energy mix.
Inthy aims to deploy wind farms in perfect harmony with the environment and in consultation with local communities. Our ability to deploy wind farms lies in our ability to manage all the different stages of a wind farm project.

Software intelligence


Inthy’s technological know-how includes the development of proprietary software solutions dedicated to the remote control and optimization of renewable assets for projects of varying power:

  • Integration of stationary storage capacity (lithium batteries, hydrogen)
  • Reduction of market and grid integration constraints
  • System services (for grid operators) to facilitate the integration of generation projects
  • Cross operation of different renewable energy production sources


Inthy relies on :

  • A multi-disciplinary team of specialists mastering every stage in the life cycle of a production project: development, construction, operation and marketing of the energy produced.
  • A long-term investment strategy with the ability to raise financing and ensure operational control of our power plants, enabling us to guarantee the quality and performance of our assets over the long term.

Taking charge of the various stages of the development phase to validate the technical, economic, societal and environmental feasibility of our projects.

  • Site prospecting
  • Feasibility studies
  • Consultation with relevant stakeholders (local residents, communities, elected representatives and public authorities)
  • Design of the renewable energy project and associated agricultural project
  • Land management
  • Technical and environmental studies
  • Preparation and submission of applications for administrative authorizations
  • Follow-up of investigation, public inquiry and obtaining the necessary authorizations for construction and operation of the project
  • Contractualization of grid connection

Acting as prime contractor for construction supervision and working with leading suppliers to ensure the reliability of our projects over time.

  • Pre-project technical studies
  • Choice of equipment suppliers
  • Engineering and contracting
  • Project construction coordination
  • Delivery and commissioning

Supervision of the smooth operation of our production plants during the operating phase, with the implementation of long-term operation-maintenance contracts.

  • Monitoring of production and operations
  • Real-time supervision
  • Subcontracting of maintenance activities
  • Management of administrative relations and procedures
Energy sales

Management and optimization of energy sales through long-term contracts

  • Calls for tender
  • PPA (power purchase agreement)

Eurasolis is a partnership between Inthy and Euralis, the leading agricultural cooperative group in south-west France, whose ambition is to become a major player in solar PV in the south-west.

Eurasolis continues to build on its existing rooftop activities, and is expanding its offering to become a multi-solution player: rooftops, agrivoltaics, ground-mounted photovoltaics with turnkey models or third-party investors.

Euralis, a leading cooperative group, innovates, monetizes and transforms the products of nearly 9,000 farmers. Anchored in the South-West of France, its historical birthplace, Euralis also has an international presence in 17 countries.


To find out more: Euralis Group – Agricultural and agri-food cooperative