Zero-emission heavy-duty mobility

Electric mobility

Hydrogen mobility

Inthy provides integrated mobility solutions by developing and operating its own network of renewable electricity and hydrogen distribution stations. Inthy provides the missing link between the deployment of renewable energies in local areas and zero-emission heavy transport by producing certified green fuel at prices competitive with traditional petrol or diesel fuels.

Our zero-emission mobility solutions for private hauliers and local authorities target heavy-duty transport, particularly trucks, buses and refuse collection vehicles. Our customers’ needs determine the choice between electric or hydrogen options, depending on their expectations in terms of range and refuelling time.

Turnkey solutions from electron to truck


  1. Infrastructure available 24×7
  2. Trucks to meet your needs
  3. Maintenance and customer service included

Benefits for our customers

  1. No operational risk
  2. With a unique driving experience
  3. Easy to implement
  4. Competitive with diesel
  5. Investment-free

Towards sustainable mobility

  1. Carbon neutrality objectives
  2. Accelerating the CSR roadmap
  3. Innovation and investment
  4. Compliance with transport sector regulatory requirements

E-WAY: electric mobility

Inthy is a developer and operator of electric charging stations for public and private fleets of heavy-duty electric vehicles (trucks, buses, refuse collection vehicles).

Inthy offers the optimum solution for deploying an electric recharging infrastructure that meets the needs of your vehicle fleet and ensures operational continuity.

Thanks to a global offer integrating the supply of electricity with the charging infrastructure, with no need for initial investment on the part of our customers, we personalize every stage of the development process, while fully financing the project’s requirements.

Our turnkey approach includes :

  • An analysis of your operational needs to ensure optimal use of charging stations
  • Search for suitable sites with the required electrical connection capacities to design a charging infrastructure that is easy to access and use for your drivers.
  • Installation of the charging station through to actual commissioning
  • An electricity supply contract offering visibility and price stability over the lifetime of electric vehicles
  • Operation and maintenance to ensure maximum availability of charging stations
  • A supervision and energy management software platform for high-quality use and service


HYWAY : hydrogen mobility





To achieve carbon neutrality, renewable hydrogen is one of the solutions that will eventually replace fossil fuels. Hydrogen, produced by electrolysis of water from renewable electricity sources, is set to expand massively in our regions.

Inthy aims to structure local, competitive, renewable hydrogen production ecosystems to meet the needs of heavy mobility. Inthy handles the planning and construction of turnkey hydrogen production projects, from the initial feasibility study to final acceptance of the project.




HyMove markets and sells a “drop & swap” logistics and trading solution for the secure containerized transport of low-carbon hydrogen from production sites to consumption sites.

A fleet of multimodal containers, up to one tonne of hydrogen payload, are made available to customers for the transport and distribution of hydrogen at 350 bar. Guaranteed service and delivery are ensured by a real-time flow optimization software platform.

This makes low-carbon hydrogen available on a large scale at all consumption sites in France (heavy mobility, public transport, industry).

HyMove is developing partnerships with both private and public hydrogen producers and consumers. In 2023, HyMove signed a partnership agreement with chemical company INEOS Inovyn, the largest operator of electrolysis technology in Europe.



Hydrogen filling stations are the final link between hydrogen supply and endusers. The hydrogen filling stations (HRS) planned by Inthy are state-of-the-art, and are equipped for both dual refueling at 350 and 700 bar. Refueling times are similar to those for conventional petrol or diesel vehicles.

Thanks to the innovative H2 logistics solution developed by HyMove, hydrogen supply to service stations is smooth and efficient. Service stations can also accommodate on-site electrolyzers on a case-by-case basis to ensure short-circuit hydrogen production and direct-flow fueling.

Inthys ambition is to develop a nationwide network of service stations for heavy goods vehicles.